BREVEOmedia is dedicated to supercharging every aspect of your book promotion by strategically adding whiteboard video trailers to your marketing mix.

Our videos are designed to showcase your book in the most compelling light, so everyone from the media to book readers will be excited about your book.

We start by creating scripts that bring your ideas to life. (Our team has decades of experience condensing books down to their essential ideas and articulating them in a way that is both interesting and compelling.)

Then we add animation to make the piece really entertaining and engaging.

We don’t create typical “book trailers,” using PowerPoint or iMac slideshows, and we don’t do talking head videos.

We specialize in whiteboard video trailers, and are the only firm with decades of experience summarizing and showcasing the big ideas in non-fiction books.  Plus, our whiteboard trailers cost considerably less than similar videos from other video producers.

That’s why many of the world’s top non-fiction authors use our videos.


BREVEOmedia was founded in 2012 after the huge success of the whiteboard book videos that were created by our parent company, The Business Source.

The videos we produce are typically 1 to 5 minutes in length and cost a fraction of the price of a cinematic trailer and are much more engaging than a talking head trailer.

What Our Trailers Do

Whiteboard book trailers offer more than a blurb or a jacket synopsis.

They offer interesting ideas in an entertaining and informative format. This means people love to watch and share them.

More specifically, our trailers deliver some of the great ideas from your book in detail so they are really understood by the viewer. This offers real proof that the book has great ideas, versus simply telling people that the book has great ideas.

This also makes whiteboard trailers great for breaking through the clutter when trying to get attention from the media.

The bottom line is that whiteboard video trailers showcase your great ideas in an entertaining package that leaves the viewer wanting more.