Video Book Trailers Dramatically
Boost The Effectiveness Of Every Part
Of Your Promotion


According to Internet Retailer, people who view videos connected to a product are 85% more likely to buy. More…

Press Releases

Press releases get 55% more views when video links are added. More..


Promotional emails with video have twice the click thru rate, so twice as many people see your message. More…


Blog posts with video get 3 times more links than text, so they deliver loads of extra free exposure. More…

Video Book Trailers Get Attention

“The addictive nature of web browsing can leave you with an attention span of nine seconds – the same as a goldfish.”

- BBC News

To get the word out about your book you need to get and keep people's attention, but that's tough - especially if you're just using text and static images.

The good news is video can really keep your visitor's engaged.

Cisco says video delivers 5 times the engagement for web pages and blog sites, and MarketingSherpa also reports dramatically increased user engagement with video.

If you're not using video you're losing out to those who do.

What’s The Best Type Of Video Book Trailer?

Three of the most popular kinds of video trailers are: theatrical, talking head and whiteboard animation.

Theatrical Trailers are great for fiction books because they can really give you a feel for the story. On the downside, they’re expensive and take a long time to produce.

Talking Head Trailers are good because they can deliver information and build a personal connection with the viewer. The biggest drawback is they only offer one visual – the speaker. This lowers engagement and the amount of information that can be shared. (Plus, many authors do amateurish talking head videos which reflects poorly on their book and their brand.)
Whiteboard Animation Trailers are ideal for promoting business books because they can quickly deliver a lot of ideas while keeping the viewer entertained and engaged. Plus, they can be very affordable.

Why Are Whiteboard Trailers So Popular?


People just love to watch whiteboard video.

Many say it's because watching an illustration being created right in front of your eyes is mesmerizing.

We think it's because they quickly pique viewers interest and leaves them wanting more - which makes them perfect for promoting business books.