Why Choose BREVEOmedia?

“Great video!
It really grabs your attention and does a fantastic job of explaining the big ideas in (our book) Pathways to Growth.”

- Tony Robbins

“Thank you for that amazing piece of content. You made the point visually so much better than I would be able to make it by describing it. It was fantastic to be able to watch the book come alive in such an intelligent and strategic way”

- Sally Hogshead

“Nice Video!
I found it stimulating, entertaining, and effective!”

- William L. Ury

“Well, you guys have done some very clever things here, and it moves along nicely and captures some key concepts in a clean, professional, entertaining way. Congratulations! I know that isn’t easy to do!”

- Sheila Heen

Why Us?

1. We specialize in whiteboard book trailers.

2. Leading authors use our videos to promote their books. People like Tony Robbins, Marshall Goldsmith and Sally Hogshead.

3. We’re very cost effective. Our whiteboard trailers cost considerably less than our main competitors.

4. We deliver the most promotional juice. Our videos are crafted to showcase the great ideas in your book, which makes them ideal for 3 big things…

  • Telling your story so reporters, bloggers and TV producers can quickly understand why they should interview you or feature you on their site.
  • Showcasing your book’s great insights and ideas to the book buying public .
  • Sharing. People love to share interesting and entertaining videos.

5. Our scripts. Nothing can carry your great ideas like a compelling narrative – and we’re experts at doing just that. Our writers have over two decades experience summarizing and showcasing the best ideas from non-fiction books – no one else in our industry can make that claim.

6. People watch our videos longer. Our research shows that people watch our whiteboard videos 52% longer than talking head videos so you get to tell more of your message.